Open Source Software


This is audio recording software that is available on either the Mac or PC and allows you to record and edit audio and produce .mp3 files to share as podcasts.


Download Audacity from Sourceforge


Imagine being able to fly to any planet and see what it looks like from the comfort of your computer.

This free software is a virtual space simulation that runs on both Mac and PC computers.

Download Celestia from SourceForge

Google Earth

This is a 3D atlas which allows you to view satelite and terrain maps of the earth and zoom in to street level.

Similar to Google Maps but this software runs on Macs, PCs and Linux and allows you to turn off and on layers.

You can download KMZ files which add to the information layers that can be displayed overlayed with the maps.

Download from the Google Earth Site

Google Docs

Google Docs provides free online versions of office tools including a Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database and Presentation tools.

In addition to the online software, you can store and share documents easily with other users. You will need a google account either through

your school google docs or you can get a personal one directly from Google.

Visit Google Docs